Nu-Wool/ Nu-Seal Foam

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Nu-Seal Foam Insulation System

Nu-Seal is a hybrid foam insulation system that contains high biological raw material and low embodied energy. Insulation Services of Michigan uses Nu-Seal Foam because it's one of the greenest foam insulation products in the marketplace. Nu-Seal is a class 1 rated insulation product. Nu-Seal is the recommended GREEN alternative to fiberglass batting and other petroleum based foam products for use to insulate rim joists, knee walls, cathedral ceilings, and other areas difficult to spray with cellulose insulation.

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Insulation Services of Michigan has many uses for it's products. Our foam and insulation has been used in many places around the country including the San Francisco Crime Lab and Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan.

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San Francisco Crime Lab (left) & Wayne State University chiller (right)
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