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What’s Under Your House?

Insulation Services of Michigan will review your Crawl Space and develop a complete plan to restore your crawl space. Typically a crawl space is the largest room of your home with plumbing and heating equipment, most homes have been design with this area as uncondition space (outdoor space)

Ask yourself if this is unconditional living space.

Why did they install my heating equipment in the crawl space and not the back yard?

Crawl-spaces are largest areas of Heating & Air Conditioning related problems causing poor air quality allowing mold and bacteria to enter the home.

Indications of possible crawl space issues:

  • Odors and Smells
  • Bugs and Spiders
  • Heating and Cooling problems
  • Cold floors
  • Drafts
  • Condensation or high moisture
  • Feels like your house is moving