Testing - Locating & Documenting

Insulation Services of Michigan will evaluate the entire building envelope to locate all problems from heat lost, insulation and window performance, air infiltration and moisture control. ISM utilizes some of the most advanced Infrared imaging systems and measurement equipment. Our inspectors will tailor the documentation to your needs, from written, photos or video tape with infrared, images and audio. Based upon the building envelope inspection, we will develop a detailed plan - based on the facts - to solve your building problems.

What We Do

ISM uses the highest quality products in your home, Door seals, Window sealing, Baseboards and outlet sealing. Common air infiltration points we may find in homes are cracks, gaps, pipe, wiring holes and poor workmanship in the building envelope, causing air-stack effect thought-out the home.


Reducing air infiltration and duct leakage are some of the most important items a home owner can do.