These frims will help you find the source of your roof leaks

By Glenn Haege. (Used by permission)

These firms will help you find the source of your roof leaks

Dear Glenn: I have a State Farm Agency in Grosse Pointe Park and purchased a 1940s office building with a flat roof. I have several leaks that just will not go away. This last summer I patched the seams on the entire roof. There are still leaking problems in pretty much the same areas.

I was listening to your show, and I seem to remember you indicating that there was a firm that used infrared technology to find the water leaks or points of entry. Could I have the name of the company that provides this service?

Mark, Grosse Pointe Park

Dear Mark: Two names and phone numbers may make your life easier.

Robert Carey, Infrared Services of Michigan, (810) 329-9033, does the infrared photography that will show where the leaks are. Angelo Zerbo, A & Z Commercial Roofing, (248) 395-7300, is known as the “go-to guy” for solving flat roof problems